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Confidently Me!
Mentorship Program

Confidently Me! Mentoring Program will primarily serve young minority girls from under-privileged, under-represented communities in the Greater Omaha Area. Our mentees age between 8-18 years old. ​The program term will last from August – May each year.

Girls Basketball Team(s)
"Omaha Aces" 
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Our goal is to develop basketball skills, sportsmanship and self esteem and confidence with our girls. Our coaches will teach players of all positions and levels to play smart basketball, be coachable on the court, and to become leaders on and off the court.

Girls Basketball Clinics

Complete Skills is designed for youth girls to learn overall skills and help improve their skills and confidence. We help players of all abilities develop athletically, refine fundamental basketball skills and enhance their skill set at the post, wing or guard position.The focus of this camp is to use the game of basketball to teach life principles in a fun and engaging way. 

Nebraska Homegrown Hoopers

Nebraska Homegrown Hoopers: an annual girls' basketball camp where local girls learn and grow from accomplished Nebraska women, gaining inspiration and mentorship from those who have made their mark in the state's athletic legacy.

Just Women

We emphasize on keeping the inner city community involved with women's basketball and give women that have a passion for basketball the opportunity to play in a friendly, yet competitive atmosphere. 

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Jr. NBA Collab Programs

The Keys Foundation proudly partners with the Jr. NBA programs, including 'Her Time to Play' and the 'Jr. WNBA League', to empower young girls and women through basketball. Through our collaboration, we provide mentorship, resources, and opportunities for skill development, fostering a supportive environment where aspiring athletes can thrive both on and off the court. Together, we aim to promote gender equality in sports and inspire the next generation of female basketball stars to unlock their full potential.

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After School/Summer Camp Program

She.Rise! After School Programming and Summer Camps offers a transformative experience centered on group mentoring, basketball training, and life skills development, providing young female scholars with a supportive environment for comprehensive growth. Guided by experienced mentors, scholars engage in group sessions aimed at setting and achieving personal goals, fostering camaraderie, and building confidence within the community.


We are dedicated to empowering young female athletes through expert coaching, skill development, and character-building activities. Our camp offers a supportive environment where girls can thrive both on and off the court, focusing not only on basketball fundamentals but also on important life skills like leadership, teamwork, and resilience. With experienced coaches leading the way, campers engage in immersive summer sessions, specialized clinics, and customized team training to hone their skills and foster personal growth.

Girls Basketball Skills Camps
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