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Mentor position description


Confidently Me! Mentor Description

A mentor is an individual who wants to have a positive impact on someone’s life. A mentor is a trusted person, who is caring and provides solutions and support. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to provide access to people, places and things outside of the mentee’s daily routine and environment. As a mentor you will participate in the monthly group mentoring sessions and outings. As a mentor you will use the Confidence Plan, a written statement of the goals of assigned mentees, as an ongoing touch point for your mentoring relationship. 


Mentor Responsibilities

  • Attend mentor orientation and any pre-match training sessions.

  • Make a commitment of a minimum of 10 months to mentoring a Confidently Me! girl 

  • Attend and lead monthly group mentoring sessions

  • Attend and lead monthly group outings

  • Focus attention on the mentees Confidence Plan

  • Participate in quarterly service and/or fundraising activities

  • Communicate twice a month with mentor coordinator

  • Participate in all ongoing training sessions

  • Attend program ceremonies, including any matching ceremonies and end of the year program celebrations

  • Provide all needed data for program evaluation


Mentor Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be female and at least 21 years of age

  • Must complete an application

  • Must Attend face-to-face interview 

  • Must pass criminal record and child abuse registry checks

  • Must have satisfactory employment and personal reference checks

  • Have a vehicle or access to reliable transportation

Mentor Time Commitment Requirements

  • Mentors must be able to commit to the term and attend schedule events. 

Question? Email us at 

To Apply, click on application 

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